Victoria Bitter: new way to serve beer via blockchain

Victoria Bitter: Novel way to serve beer via the blockchain

Victoria Bitter and Power Ledger offer their customers to exchange the surplus solar power they generate into beer. Blockchain makes it possible.

The Australian lager subsidiary of Asahi, Victoria Bitter, is writing sustainability on its banner, or should we say on its beer glass? Because now The News Spy is possible for customers to earn pints of delicious barley juice using solar energy via the blockchain. According to an announcement on Wednesday, Victoria Bitter has partnered with the large blockchain energy company Power Ledger for this purpose. Together, they have launched a new programme that allows participants to trade surplus solar energy for bottles of beer.

„Last year we harnessed the Australian sun and started brewing Victoria Bitter with 100 per cent compensated solar energy. Now we’ve launched this new Australian program. It’s our way of thanking those who have made the effort to switch to solar energy,“ says Brian Phan, Victoria Bitter’s General Manager Marketing.

Earned Victoria Bitter comes free

In doing so, the new solar energy programme allows participants to track exactly how much beer they have earned. Each $30 credit can be exchanged for a case of beer. The final delivery is free of charge. The US company Civic has already tried to bring beer and blockchain together in its own way. The beer vending machine developed by Civic not only accepts Bitcoin, but also checks the customer’s age on the blockchain.